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Oxidation Systems has developed an innovative method of injecting high-concentration ozone gas into the subsurface. Our new system also has a significant radius of influence - 10 to 50 feet depending on geology and permeability.

Conventional ozone sparging is conducted in one of two ways:

  1. Ozone gas is injected at high concentration (2 to 10%) directly into the subsurface, but at a low flow rate (<1 scfm); or
  2. Ozone gas is mixed with compressed air to provide a high flow rate (2 to 10 scfm per well), but at a substantially diluted concentration (<500 ppmv).

Neither of these methods is ideal. The low gas flow rate in method 1 is not capable of reaching areas of the subsurface more than a few feet from the injection well. Using diluted ozone gas (method 2) overcomes this limitation due to the higher flow rate. However, the diluted gas has a much lower solubility than high concentration ozone.

The method developed by Oxidation Systems can deliver a high concentration of ozone at a high injection flow rate. Our method produces a significant radius of influence around the injection well while also maximizing the mass of ozone that dissolves in groundwater.

Contact us to discuss your site and determine if our new injection system will work for you.



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